Morning Stretchig 

with WO Member

Takuro Kakefuda

Saturday May 30th  & Sunday May 31st

10:00 h Japan Time 
 Price: 500 ¥

(Lessons available for 24h, so People from

any Time Zone can participate)

 Requirements: Instagram & PayPal Account
To Join:  

SEND US a Private Message

on Twitter or Instagram (English)


Directly from Takuro San's Online Store

(Japanese ONLY, Adresse in Japan Required) 

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Tomizo LIVE from Riti Bar ft.ShisukeTakahashi

Sunday, June 14th, 20:30h (Japan Time).
 Participation fee: 1000 ¥

 Requirements: Instagram & PayPal Account
To Join:  SEND US a Private Message

on Twitter or Instagram (English)
Send Direct  Message to Riti Bar,

(Japanese Only!


Monday July 27th, 20:00 h (Japan time) direct from RITI Bar, ft. Special Guest, WO Member Yusuke Morisawa!

Participation fee: 1000Y

To join: Contact Riti via LINE messenger (Japanese only!) OR ...

💡 We can book for you! 💡 (Send us a Message through our Contact Form)


ONLINE Dance Lessons with WO Member

Kosuke Shizunaga

Saturday June 6th  & Sunday June 7th

15:30h Japan Time 

Requirement: ZOOM

⭐️Worldwide available, ENGLISH spoken,

also suited for BEGINNERS! ⭐️


Price: 1500 ¥ /person

Payment Via PayPal


Send him a Direct Message in Instagram

(He speaks English!)

Photo Credit: Masato Ochiai

Source: WO ART Exhibition 2017

BIO  --> SNS




MEDIA --> Discography


Pic Source: Takashi Jonishi Social Media Feeds

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Masato Ochiai


a.k.a  MST - Born 27th August 1980

Karate Fighter, Photographer, Loves Manga.

Graduated WORLD ORDER  on August 7th 2017.


Created an exercise program using Karate Movements called  KARATECISE.

Current activities:

Online Dance Lessons,

Regular  Blog, and Video-Updates,

including Dance Tutorials

Official Website

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Takashi Jonishi


Nickname:  Joony

Born 13th August 1986

Loves any kind of Workout,  Loves Dogs. 

Graduated from WORLD ORDER 

on May 28th 2018.

Has created a Air Dance Group



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