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10 Years in 10 Days: 2013

As we Count down to the 10th Anniversary Shows, we'll Review WORLD ORDER's Career!


WORLD ORDER remains busy with TV Shows and Commercials, including shooting for a Bridal Hairstyling Magazine 😍

(Pics Source: Mag Scans, Members SNS)

And furthermore, Live Shows at Music Festivals...

...Corporate Events, and the legendary Show at Nippon Budokan.

Short after the Show in April, Ryo Noguchi leaves the group and Ryuta Tomita a.k.a Tomizo, joins as official Member.


Single: ‘Imperialism’ 'DVD: WORLD ORDER Live in Budokan Music Videos: ‘IMPERIALISM’, ‘WELCOME TO TOKYO’ and ‘LAST DANCE

Summarized by: Ani



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