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10 Years in 10 Days: 2018

As we Count down to the 10th Anniversary Shows, we'll Review WORLD ORDER's Career!


Re-forming.... re-building... re-inventing... but always moving forward.

The year starts with Genki San announcing his come-back as Performer...

followed by the release of the Music Video "LET'S START WW3" , one of their most successful!

In May, they make their Debut as actors in the Brand new Show entitled 'WW3 of Love", written and directed by Aki San!

Also in May, the announcement of the departure of Takashi Jonishi, a.k.a Joony.

(Pics Source: Takashi Jonishi Twitter, "almost-weekly Journal")

The Show 'WW3 of Love, is presented again in August, featuring Joony San as support Member.

They close the year with Music Video and commercial shooting in Taipei.


Music Videos: 'LET'S START WW3', and 'MISSING BEAUTY'

Summarized by: Ani



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