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Happy 2015

Everybody, a Happy New Year. This year thanking you in advance.

Change completely from the last gay bar, and is Hakone this time, seeing the old year out.


Sunrise also.


Come back to Tokyo on 2nd; Went to the Gym at once.

Yusuke, Gym

Settle down and come here because there are still less people, but last year was attending gym every day (laughs).

Received the various classes of average last year through a gym program. Ballroom dance, Latin dance, Tai Chi, Sybase, aerobics, Hula, previously mentioned Posture improvement program, swimming lessons, etc. There is little all number of times and is halfdone, but the classical ballet that was popular for the first time at the end of the year is interesting, Think that may make use in present one's dance, and concentrate on it this year;

At first, still stiff body, I shall first focus on stretching.

Someday you guys... Yes, the announcement... no, it's not that (laughs). Just 10 days until the first live show, then the unveiling. Just a little more. Please look forward to it.

Yusuke Morisawa

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