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Home for New Year

Happy New Year and Congratulations.

I was able to go home in Niigata on the first three days of new year and spent them slowly.


And the top delicious New Year's Shinsei Brew.

Shinsei Brew 2015

I ate a lot of soup, and and rice cakes with salmon roe for New Year's Day, I shovelled snow and enjoyed sedging a nd playing in the snow with my niece.

I practiced for the Tour at my Parents house and built in a playing Program with my niece between practice, for example, AQUARIUS → play with my niece → → → MIND SHIFT playing with my niece... it became like a flow (´ ω ')

I folded a New Year's gift envelope in Dharma pattern paper.



I made New Year’s Postcards, using Japanese cut-paper but I was just able to male four pieces, because pasting took time (o / ω / o)


Finding the time, trying to increase production piece by piece. Do ... slow.

Alright! After the practice! Do ... slow.

With that said, Tour will finally begin next week! Please, Enjoy WORLD ORDER in 2015.

Uchiyama Hayato

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