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Dangerous criminals...

Good morning. It’s Hiroshi Tachi.

Last week welcomes Chill from the core of the body. Cold days remained, everyone is cold and it’s damaging health and condition. I didn't change and I looked up at the sky and was able to spend one week with a warm feeling. Still remain cold days. (In addition, is pollen season too...) cold days are followed, by those of hay fever, somehow warm, but can break down physical condition. Monday, in the warm start ... [this week, Wakudoki with dangerous criminal... Abunai DEKA TV series]



Sunday night shooting finished safely. Director's, photographer's, everyone in the staff finished with warm applause and smiles. Going home at 3:00 am. With warm feelings, dream into the Monday morning. Beginning the week today. Slow, relaxing and heartwarming was the day.



Today, starting with good weather and also rehearsal for the next step. By chance, I met the director accidentally. I was in the middle of going, when suddenly a voice called: (Director...!!] So I met the director and the tension rose. Today, the sky is beautiful ... fluffy clouds seem to swim comfortably, slowly.

Meal is Don Hyoe (carbonara taste) JagaRiko (Pollack dried cod cheese taste) which I buy when new taste is given.



Morning , refreshing, and a dangerous criminal is on the movie, to revive. Terrible tension rises on the TV.

When I was at elementary school, during the recess, I use to imitate Taka (Tachi Hiroshi San) and Yuji (Shibata Kyohei San), jumping out of the classroom while mimicking to have a handgun, pretending to be a dangerous criminal. So it was a happy feeling again today while watching the movie.

I made warm Miso soup with Radish, Tofu, Wakame... the usual ingredients.



The air is cold, Rehearsal today The sky and air are clean and refreshing. On the way home, DVD rental of the complete DEKA TV series, for more dangerous criminal.

Then, the Sukiya (mustard Mentaimayo beef bowl) Miso soup, with Beef bowl [and more dangerous criminal]. Still funny.



Today morning, on the way with the Bike. The sky is ... noisy ... clouds ... gray clouds ... heavy gray clouds make kind of a sandwich with the ground... like a Big UFO from “Independence Day”.

Came home early for dangerous criminal!

[Let's go Yuji!!]



One step towards tomorrow. To rehearsal. The air is cold, the sky blue sky. Even though it’s Saturday early in the morning, there’s a line at the Bus Stop... everyone cheers for good work. Together, Fight

Return, from Miu-chan, I got cookies and muffins. ... Today, Valentine's day... Completely immersed in the dangerous criminal. I forgot. Thank you Miu-CHAN! It will be delicious. The cold air at heart now.



It is fine today. Slow Sunday, the air is refreshing. It was cold, and the atmosphere was serious by a heavy snowfall last week in Japan’s Coast, with snow up to 140 cm. And weather Forecast says it will be snow again so wear warm clothes everybody.

The Abunai DEKA collection was good. It's.Hiroshi Tachi (the cold Sun).

And for reading this very long Diary, Thank you very much.

Well, the new week begins, weather unchanged all week, will spend friendly in calm and warm feelings.

The days of cold air seems to continue still, in my heart, gentle warm breeze wind blows.

Now also together this week,

Let live and live it.

To the new week ... I'm going.

Nice day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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