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A new-old Bike

My Bike was stolen recently. Surely it ached at first, but I switched feelings soon and also didn’t want to spend lots of Money in a new Bike. So I found another one at the Silver Manpower Center, a place where things that are abandoned or thrown are repaired and re-sold.


The Guy who repaired by Hand the Bicycle I chose, explained me “'before the wheels have got bent axis so I mounted wheels from different Bikes. I also could have painted it in the same color, but I changed it slightly because the paint would have otherwise came off” he explained proudly. “Nice Coloring, eh?” He asked happily.


To see the Frame in the red color of Italy, make me involuntarily think about “Porco Rosso” on his scarlet Aircraft.

So I will fly around the Adriatic Sea today.

Yes, flying will be!

Hey! in the mountains Uchiyama is just Uchiyama.


What? No wings?

Uchiyama Hayato

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