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Bench Press

Today's training is the Bench press.

I wonder if the Bench Press is the most popular exercise in Weight Training. In Japan in particular, when people ask things like “How was training today?“ or “which muscles did you workout today?”, almost 100% make gestures mimicking the bench press((laugh). So I came over for such a major training: Bench press. This time 80 kg.

1. Make a sure Grip of the Bar, needs a good Position.


2. Gather your Spirit


3. Lower the bar slowly


4. Put much power when you come to the position corresponding to the chest.


5. Put emphasis and power


6. to avoid jerking due to effort


7. here, you like it.


I finally raised up to 100kg today. I was tired.

It is the greater pectoral muscle (the outside) and the triceps brachii muscle, more mainly to be forged in the bench press. In fact, in sports, there aren't so many competitions which need them. American football and rugby are sports which jostle. And in competitions such as figure skating, the rotation at high speed can lead to an innecesary enlargement of the pectoral muscle. Speaking physics, it is the angular momentum conservation law (can't do fast and heavy ones located outside the axis of rotation).

But I also do not feel the need to train more (^ _ ^;)

Bench press, it is one of “Big Three”. I think it’s easy to start with, because it gives the feeling of less risk of injury, compared to dead lifts and squats. And if you have a Chest, it’s easier to get a Macho feeling. So, I might be major, (^^) for training is fun and healthy.

Next time, I thought I can introduce a training that can be done at home.

Takashi Jonishi

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