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First music...

What was the first music I bought? ? I think the first time you buy a song by yourself will remain in the memory.

When I was surfing the Internet the other day, I would find by chance a song which I had bought with the Album. I remembered immediately after I started to hear, that at the time I was at junior high school. It’s nice to hear the songs you’ve heard so long ago, because they take you back to the old days for/ in an instant. Once a year the old school breaks boom among their own. Lol by the way, that fist Album I bought was “Let go” from "Avril Lavigne. Lol


No!, it is really good music! Someday, some people will tell me "the first song I bought was WORLD ORDER! " If that happens it will be wonderful. Well it is Friday! There is nobody on Saturday and Sunday, the rest was one week cheers for good work. TGIF !!

PS: The first CD I got first, in the true meaning, was given to me by my Parents: 'Shinohara Ryoko''s 'Love and sadness ...”

Ryuta Tomita

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