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Pimp your ABS

Today's training is the ABS workout.


1. Lie down/ Start position


2. Raise


3. Raise a bit more

But it’s a big mistake if you think this is all! Actually ABS you can’t stress Abs too much. Some people say that 300 ABS need less energy as 10 Squats (Don't really know whether it's true or not) but, in fact, I think there is here a hard part load. However, you can change greatly depending on the way you do it.

To say that you don’t have muscle pain at all after 100 ABS means you have seriously strong Abd muscles, or that you have been doing it in the wrong way, and mostly it is the latter. So how is the right way to stress the Abd muscles? The Key point it to keep the tension on the Abdominal muscles all the time. Like on the Photos above, I raise the legs which puts a certain amount of tension to the Abd muscles and needs some force.

Furthermore, when moving down, don’t go all the way down because this will remove the tension from the abd muscles. When you do it this way (with the legs up) also take care not to raise them so high (“not to high, not to low”) in order to always leave a tension in the abdominal muscles.In that way they will be trained pretty hard. (^ ^).

In addition, you can strength the Abds also in your day to day life with a method called “Drawing”


1. From a relaxed position, try consciously an abdominal breathing.


2. Breath in to accumulate the air in your stomach


3. Breath out and sweep naturally the air out of your stomach while relaxing.

Such as in walking, while the stomach keeps this state, the rectus abdominalis muscle (so called ABS musles) are recessed while you use the internal oblique muscle, which is effective for the tightening of the Waist. (^_^).


Please try it, for training is fun and healthy (^_^)

Next time I thought I’d introduce a slightly geeky training. What do you think? I think you’ll like it (laughs).

Takashi Jonishi

Translated by Ani, with:

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