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The crack...


This time, a special event (Dials 00 first). Due to an emergency situation I drastically changed the content I was planning to send to you.

So we finished the shooting safely yesterday, and after a long day, the full power, and the muscle pain, today was the the first day off (¯ ▽ ¯)

Great! Today I’ll stay the whole day in Bed!

But when I saw the light piercing through the window curtains, I thought it was a shame to stay in bed. So I wanted to send the diary to the devoted Masato Diary readers (Dial 00 ). But for the first time, there was just a” tsu-tsu-tsu” sound and I was kept a very long time wanting in the line.

(¯ ▽ ¯)

So I jumped vividly out of bed. I must have jumped out. I prepared to get out. I made sure to store my Key properly, I crouched down to fix my shoes, just before descending the stairs. I jumped and that’s when the I-phone, which I had stored inside my Pocket, just fell out making a dull sound. It happened in just a second, but it felt like a slow event and it would have been minutes.

I lifted it fearfully and saw the Screen was cracked for the first time.

It was quite a shock (T_T) really (T_T)

With the care and help of a nice white bearded Guy, the Stand-by screen could be restored, Thank you! (making crying noises).**

And that’s why, this time the story about the first time cracked mobile has been sent. (T_T)

Masato Ochiai

** Not sure this sentence was really meant like this. Rather my own interpretation (Admin.)

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