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Earth Day

The cheerful Shops lined up on Earth-day Market.


Sake Lees of “Musuhi” from the Tereda Family Head Liquor Shop.


And stopped by the Shop of the Sakuma sod Farm, and was taken to the time where much less fertilizers was used. It was a good encounter.


Another day I participated in the making of Miso. Using “malt-free” Nagano native species. The Soy is grinded and boiled, then smoothed mixing malt and salt, then you can throw in the dumplings. Made for the first time; when finished it was barely Miso. It first needs to ferment for 12 months. A wooden bucket is next.



Another day I went to the delicious Festival of Seeds and Food, attended the seed Seminar and got the Signature of the Lecturer on his Ishii Natural Seed Network book.


I had fears about vegetables and seeds being more and more unsafe in this era. Here, the things were explained to me clearly and with solid knowledge and experience.

And I bought a lot of vegetables by this event; Here a pesticide-free Apple.


It isn't the one Akinori Kimura made, but it is the one which inherited his intention.

To get such contact or knowledge, is for me to sow the seeds of hope.

Uchiyama Hayato

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