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Pimp your Grip

Today's training is the "Grip strength training".

And these are the items that will be introduced:


Yes, I’m known as “Captain of Crush” (CoC). The No. One, on the left looks hard, but in fact it is the lightest. It has a grip strength of 50 kg. It is the grip strength for men in General. And then all look the same, but from the left they’re getting heavier and heavier. From the left:

CoC No. 1 63 kg

CoC No. 1,5 75 kg

CoC No. 2 88 kg

There are CoC which are straight from the base


And those which are a little crooked.


There, start with a straight thumb on one side and bent fingers on the other side. Then grasp with all your might.


If you come to the point where both edges touch, it is called “crash” in the technical term. By the way this is No. 1 so there would be room for No. 1,5.


I can crash but when I took the Picture it has been a little distant. The training is insufficient. Doesn’t seem likely to crash No. 2 yet. But sometime soon!!

Sportsmen who require grip strength are Baseball Pitchers, Judo fighters or Weighlifting Athletes. It is also important f or Athletes who practice Hammer or Javelin throw, because it is a part to join a tool and an opponent.

By the way, grip strength training may have little sense in dancing (LOL) I don’t know why I do it...honestly (LOL). I thought I might crush an apple with bare hands and get delicious apple juice. Sometime soon!! Training is fun and healthy (^^).

Next time I can introduce a training which is even healthier.

Takashi Jonishi

Translated by Ani, with:

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