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A day at the Beach

I headed for the south for a reunion. A reencounter for the first time in about 6 Months.

The point I came to earlier. (Shonan)

I hear the Sea (¯ ▽ ¯).

Suddenly the thought: Do you really like the sea? How can you tell if you really like it, if you have only seen it in summer? So in order to find out if it’s true also in reverse, I came all the way to see the Shore in Winter (^o^) Just before that, I had to change my beloved I-Phone to Bari-phone.

↓↓↓ seems to blow away my sunken mood


Climbed for the first time to the Enoshima Tower

Ate a specialty Shirasu Bowl and had a stroll.


A Kite dancing the sky



Surfers happily surfing.

I sit on the Beach. I’m absorbed in one Thought: The winter sea is different from it of the summer, and wonderful space surrounded by calm light spreads out.

Though the noisy atmosphere of the summer is good, this place is better for slowing down and relax.

Cheers to the new Charm of the Sea!

Of course, with a Coke (¯ ▽ ¯)


Masato Ochiai

Translated with: Google/ Bing/ Babylon Online Translators.

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