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Do what we can...

There is a story about a humming bird in the ancient Ecuador.


The forest was burning and the animals were fleeing away rushingly.

Meanwhile, the humming bird continue going to the forest carrying drops of water in its small beak even though birds kept dropping in the burning forest. When asked why he did that, he answered :

“I can just do what I can”.


The power of one person or one vote may not change things at first glance, but the results may only be visible in the future, when they have piled up.


War, poverty and the day-to-day use of money may look as if it didn’t matter, but despite that, I learned that you can still stop polluting nature. And I noticed you can break that strange system of handling with money, food and life.

On the contrary, if you give priority to something else, the results might not pile up in the future and things will remain status-quo.

If 0 or 100, I think the important thing is to continue in the extent of the own possibilities. And encouraging others, rather than alone, things are working and growing even now.


I will continue normally until “that day” will be part of my life.

Hayato Uchiyama

Translated with: Google / Bing / Babylon

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