A grand day out

Updated: Apr 3

Got up early, Took the Bike and headed to


It seems to be divided into outside and the hall. At first from the outside

A beef bowl restaurant which had been introduced on TV the other day, very popular.

There was a dried Bonito speciality store, it smelled so good!

Finally inside the Hall

Monkfish liver is being sold in this wa.y.

Cut the Tuna and eat it on the spot !

I saw certain people riding this vehicle, which seems to be called Thale. Here, Thales and (motor?) -bikes have the Priority and are always avoided by Pedestrians. It is quite dangerous.

The eateries in the Hall have a great reputation in the Net, so as expected there was a big line even on a weekday morning.

On the way back I pass by the Tsukiji Honganji Temple and put hands together. I don’t take things for granted. That feeling does not change even after four years.

’I'm back home before 10:00. I felt like have jumped into another world and it was fresh to greet the morning in a different way.

Sometimes, it’s good such a morning start. ^-^

Yusuke Morisawa

Translated with: Google / Bing / Babylon online Translators.


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