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Slowing down


How to spend the Holidays ①

I spent a slow time today. I’m sending you the whole story.

Because there was Rain forecast for the evening, I got up a 7:30 am. I prepare the car and take the field.

Let me introduce the "Car": Is a Black King edition. This fellow is tough, the handlebar is noisy, the brakes don’t stop immediately and it doesn’t get any speed. And the Sattle is real leather and hard, so I got immediately a pain in the buttocks. But you know? It’s OK, it’s a slow day.

When the buttock becomes painful I walk, is sometimes tedious,. But now that go slowly, I can see the scenery that I cannot see when I go fast, busy everyday.

I dragged out the Black King issue after a long time cause I decided to spend the day like this today. I ride down on every slope without hesitation, even if it’s not in the planned direction; it is indeed invigorating, but I stumble into a completely different location. I arrive to a comparatively large Park. Did I miss an entrance?


Suddenly I feel, bathed by the negative ions from the entrance, but this passes immediately.


And I arrive to an open space, to a big Square. From the Outside I hear quarrelling, fun voices. When I go inside I see it’s apparently some entertainment for children being held today, it looks like a shopping Mall made just by / for children.


When I passed by the rice-ball shop, I was spoken by an energetic older brother: “Want one? No good?” and in a split of a second : “I know who made them” and with a grin look at the older Lady nearby. I show respect for his business spirit and have one.

And once again I ride the Black King and leave the place. I bump into an old friend and go draw some breath in a full coffee house. That’s how I use my luxurious time. Ah! finally the favourite point of the Black King.


The scenery seen from above reflected in the bullet-shaped lamp gives me the feeling of speed although I’m slow.

So everyone, get out your favourite bike and go for a ride on holidays. There will be surely an unexpected encounter.

Masato Ochiai

Translated by Ani, with:

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