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Entry by Aki

Good Morning. The start of a new week...

Last week we have a spring-like rise of temperature, This week, the weather feels almost empty with no wind at all. I have the opportunity to see the full Family at the occasion of a Graduation ceremony.

Some people in the family celebrated their Graduation ceremony. It was a warm feast.

On my own highschool graduation... I made a Hair Test the day before, so the day of the Graduation I had to go to go early to the staff room (hairdresser?) and came a little late. So I have to seat on the only available seat among people I didn’t know. It was over too quickly, to early. It was not a warm feast. But the hair test.... Worth! (it’s my favourite movie, of course on VHS).

This time, I felt it was a warm Graduation from the College of Tecnology. The Graduates were congratulated, there was laughing, and tears and the heart felt warm It’s the start of a new adventure, with many new experiences. The start of a voyage..

This week I feel the spring.



Today I take the Bike, it is slightly warm. I watched "Fury" Amazing work, but some scenes gave me sweaty hands, made me feel the horror of war and the heart of the people who are forced to stand in its place. However, Brad Pitt was looking cool as ever.



Today the sky is blue, the sun feel good. We had rehearsal. I go back home, the sunset out on the roof. I admire the clouds that flow comfortably like rivers.



It is sunny and calm today. I watched Bad Neighbors” A comedy about a Couple and their neighbours, a a University Circle with pretty crazy guys. It was interesting but no so good. However, the Baby in the movie was very pretty, expressive and cute.



Today we had rehearsal. After the rain last night some puddles have formed. On the morning, the sky looked blue through a break in the clouds. Looks Rain threatening when I come back home, but at dusk the sky is pink. I watched a movie with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and although it is a comedy, it’s a nice and warm Piece. Dinner at evening: Salad with Ham, Lettuce and Doritos with grated Cheese, and Macaroni mit Bolognese. Both are delicious. But I made too much. I’ll be having macaroni tomorrow too.



I ride with the Bike today. I bought 3 Roll Cakes because they were /100. I made a delicious potato salad, and bought some candy I did not need. Aha...



Cloudy sky. The cherry tree I saw seems a little chilly, wearing a faintly pink spring. And.. Oh! I hadn’t meet Watts, the black cat this week, and I was already wondering if he was well. Then unexpectedly he appears... he looks fit. “You always come out of nowhere... See you!”

And Today, Roll cakes, Roll cakes.



A nice warm day, alone making funny faces. This week I was careful and could keep my physical condition.

The beginning of a new week, how will it be? I hope it goes steady, and you all be able to spend it with a calm feeling, and warm gentle wind blows softly into your heart.

I’m allright, the wind will take me kindly and warmly into this week. Let’s live, and step into the one new week.

Live and Have a nice Day

Akihiro Takahashi

Translated with:

PLEASE NOTE THAT: Many parts of this text are written based on own interpretation and some have been removed, Thank you for your understanding!

(Ani, Administrator)

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