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A well equipped Kitchen

In my Kitchen there are both, a Rice Cooker and an Oven, not to mention a Freezer. But I don’t have Sake Lees, or make Shio-Koji or Shoyu Koji. Uchiyama is amazing, there is no such thing as useless things! And he’s so earth-friendly. He has no rice cooker, and I was surprised to hear he cooks rice in a clay Pot.

Talking about cooking and Uchiyama, I invited him to my house the other day and I cooked. And even though the dish was not bad, the pepperoncino became a bit more greasy as I’ve planned. But even though I know he doesn’t like greasy things, he ate it and say it was delicious. He’s a gentle person, Uchiyama. People who are friendly to the earth, are also friendly to other human beings. I will be friendly to the earth from now on too, I’ve decided it!


I’m bit too old now, and the Way without wasting will be long..


Yusuke Morisawa

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