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Looking up to the sky

Good Morning

It was a hard but gratifying week.

Hot and cold. A week with a busy atmosphere.

This week the color of the sky was beautiful, but my head was so full of thoughts that I keep missing it. But then I lifted my face a bit and I saw the sky and its lovely colors. My heart and my mind cherish those moments. And looking up, I see also the cherry blossoms. They’re growing in color, aren’t they?

So this week, please bear a little of this Jii-Ji’s (Grandpa) nonsense talk

(Jii-ji looking up to the sky week).


Monday The beginning of a new week. Let’s live. Apparently it will be cold from tomorrow on. Return of cold weather. However, today the cherry blossoms are in bloom all over the city. The petals fall and blow out giving a pink color to the streets. The voice of the spring is here.



Today it was cold. Morning on the way to rehearsal, the sun was warm and the shadows were very clear. From the train I saw whales made of fluffy clouds. I came home at dusk and the sky was still nice but looked empty. It might get cold. Looking at it my heart heals. It gets warm after all.



Today, the cold! Is everybody OK? Or were you caught off guard? It’s cold but the cherry trees keep blooming so well. The sky looks beautiful from the rooftop. It is cold but it relieves my mind, that had been full recently.



Today it is a little cold. The cherry blossoms bloom, a little at a time while I type.

And the GENKI JAPAN Uniforms are complete. AKIHIRO 11- together with KING KAZU would have been cool.

I had a delicious and crispy Oven Apple Pie. The sky is empty of clouds and when I come home the sunset light coming into the house has a nice orange color.



Today it is warm. The sky is deep blue with some clouds. I watched Terry Ito’s graduation- The commentators, the graduation ceremony, the tears. It was good work. My mind is warm now.

Cherry blossoms bloom a bit more as yesterday. On the way home I get Hamukatsu Bread and French Fries.

I love Potatos, Yum!



Today is warm and the cherry trees keep blooming. I ran into an accident scene. It was full of People and the Police and forensic service came. It was like on TV, somehow a buzz but also painful. The sky between the high buildings of the city was blue with some clouds. I walk back through the park.

Under the cherry trees it is slippery, however the beautiful cherry blossoms heal my heart.

I drink a tea with ice and brown sugar, very, very sweet and some thick Hamukatsu Bread. It was delicious. Have a nice weekend everyone!



This week... the sky was healing, the cherry blossoms were healing, the delicious air, family and friends were healing, the cat was healing and made me smile.

The beginning of a new week, it is the end of March already. A first step towards a new work, a new school, to meet new people and friends or a lovely new school Term.

Next month, April. The last Monday of March. A new week start for everyone, between calm warm and gentle day, with warm and friendly winds. You’ll be fine, Good winds will blow today and tomorrow.

To the new week. Live and have a nice day!

Akihiro Takahashi

Translated with

And the friendly support of collaborators Ange & Tita


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