• Aki

Looking up to the sky

Good Morning

It was a hard but gratifying week.

Hot and cold. A week with a busy atmosphere.

This week the color of the sky was beautiful, but my head was so full of thoughts that I keep missing it. But then I lifted my face a bit and I saw the sky and its lovely colors. My heart and my mind cherish those moments. And looking up, I see also the cherry blossoms. They’re growing in color, aren’t they?

So this week, please bear a little of this Jii-Ji’s (Grandpa) nonsense talk

(Jii-ji looking up to the sky week).


Monday The beginning of a new week. Let’s live. Apparently it will be cold from tomorrow on. Return of cold weather. However, today the cherry blossoms are in bloom all over the city. The petals fall and blow out giving a pink color to the streets. The voice of the spring is here.