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Feeling the Cherry Blossoms

Contact Europe (LOL) Good Morning. Here’s Akihiro Takahashi.

After a warm cheerful Monday, we were fighting again the cold temperatures this weekend.

Please take care, so it does not disturb your physical condition.

Last week, I was able to visit again Sendai after a long time, and was able to meet you all, see you all smile and feel your warmth. This, as well as the cherry trees in full bloom was healing my heart. Thank you very much!

So this week just a small diary from this Jii-ji (Grandpa). Please forgive me.

"Feeling the cherry blossoms, or A friendly week"


The beginning of a new week. This morning I had a difficult thing: I took the train to the station and was canned inside for almost 30 minutes at the front. Normally it takes 9 minutes; today it took 40 Minutes. But to see the blossoms helped me calm down and ease my mind. Their gentle force is great! Now let’s live this week.


Today we go to Sendai, to the Rakuten Eagles Stadium. We can feel the spring and the good weather. And the beautiful cherry blossoms can be seen from Tokyo Station. I saw the new Shinkansen. Many people who also like trains were taking a look.

Then the Stadium and the ceremonial first Pitch. I was nervous but I could feel the warmth of the audience, Thank you very much. Everyone did a good job, the stadium lights and the moon. It was a warm and good day.


This time I got the face of my long time favourite Actor, Brad Pitt. Yeeah! It’s good, now I can go to Hollywood, I can be like his twin. But wait... I’m not so tall, and the voice is different, and I can’t speak English so well. It would be a small Brad Pitt, Co-Brad Pitt...(LOL)

Anyway, Happy April’s fool day everyone.


Today to a new challenge. The weather is calm and there are some clouds in the sky. I was nervous. Feeling the challenge of new things, of new employees.

One step into a nice tomorrow.


It’s starting to rain and there’s strong wind. The clouds moves quickly with the wind, from time to time the sky is blue. The blossoms flutter in the air with the strong wind. But I don’t loose heart, there are still more cherry trees to heal people’s hearts.

Some tension today, but I’ll be alright.

I think about buying One Piece, vol. 77.


Today it was warm at first but it got suddenly cloudy and cold. Under the cloudy sky the cherry blossoms are not yet frozen. It seems today is a total eclipse of the moon. The clouds are too heavy to see it.

I had Menzipan (menthyl bread) after a long time, Delicious at the end of a workday.

And I went home and saw Miu-Chan. She gave me this crispy caramel with yoghurt flavour. Delicious Thank you Miu-Chan.

A friendly weekend to all. Don’t let the cold air disturb your physical condition.


Shivering, shivering... Today, as yesterday, it is cold and it’s raining.

The cherry trees are pink and green. I was healed thanks to the Sakura this week.

The first week of April, I hope it was good for you all.

And I wish a warm next week, with warm and gentle winds, and fluttering cherry blossoms despite the cold days.

To the beginning of a new week. Let’s live and have a nice Day

Akihiro Takahashi

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