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Memories of Kyushu

The Kyushu chapter of the JATA Music Video has been released. I went to visit Kyushu in my school days, when I was 18. I went to Hakata and ate Hakata Ramen. I had no plan about what to do, so I just stayed 2 hours and went back. I’ve been to Yakushima in total, just twice.

The Location this time was in a small part of Kyushu, but it has a lot of nice places.

While admiring the Panoramic view I was thinking “I want to live in this place”. And as I stayed in Kurokawa Onsen I was thinking “I will definitely come back again”.

The Tsuetate hot-spring bathing scene in the video is actually not clear: surprisingly you can get hot flushes in the bath water even if it’s freezing.

Monkeys taking care o their fur… it was heartwarming to see.

In the Hell’s blood Pond

Becoming friends with Beppu

You mind if I eat?

And after the cute smile, this makes me look as I have a kind face.

Hayato Uchiyama

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