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Cold week

Good Morning everyone. It is the start of a new week. Last week we had cold air followed by rapid changes of temperature. Don’t let it get you sick. Don’t want to look like Fujii Takashi.

HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! Is doing good. It was a week of cold air and warm heart. Hope this week too.

(Jiiji PEACE Episode 36. Snow in the Forecast, cold week).



Starting the new week with mild air. Riding the bike on the city. The cherry Blossoms still catch the eye, but everybody’s mind is too distracted. The pink petal carpet of on the road make a beautiful decoration. A nice entrance ceremony into the new week. Let’s live it!


Rain, nervous already early in the morning. The rain scatters the cherry blossoms little by little. The tension ends at the Imperial Hotel. The Photo on the left is the dressing room, with fancy carpet and chandeliers. It was a long day. During the rehearsal today met people from other countries and shaking hands. Very tall, nice styled and nice looking. Jiiji was impressed. Waku Doki.

Got back home exhausted.



Weather forecast prognoses Snow today. Sapporo and Tokyo have the same temperature, as seen on TV. There’s snow sprinkiling on Tokyo’s sky. The air is cold, the roads are wet but fallen leave give them vivid colors. I walked to the city and back. Picture of my shoppings, I bought picture frames for the exhibition. My hands got cold. I’ll turn on the Panel heater. Have some bread, would like to have some Miso soup.



After yesterday’s rain, the sky has turned blue. Crisp air but good weather. Cold, cold day. The cherry blossoms have fallen and are scattered making patterns on the Asphalt. The Dandelions also endure the cold. Today too, tension. From the station I see that the Cherry Trees which have been blooming have already turned green. Cold air at night, shivering even with the Panel Heater on.



Rain forecast for today. Cold air and the tension of the final step. When I came back home the air was cold even with the Panel Heater. At night, before going to bed,

I watched a recording from an old and strange program.



Today is starting... a little calm and cheerful weather, but a little cold air still remains. Fluffy clouds in the sky. I wonder if tomorrow will get warm.



The temperatures were low and intense and got snow forecast this week, but today it is getting warm after a long time. I don’t need to wear anything on my neck, at least not much. The calm of the Spring makes me somehow cheerful. Today I’ll start riding the blue extended Bicycle Paths, and the Sakura keep healing me.

The beginning of a new week, with mild weather but not yet completely warm. I still have the feeling I need to take care not to disturb the physical condition. So do you.

I hope you have a nice and stable week, with mild winds and cherry blossom petals blowing to your hearts and minds, you’ll be fine.

A first step towards the new week. Let’s live.

Akihiro Takahashi

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