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Zig-Zag week

Good Morning... as sour as vinegar. I’m a happy boy WOW! Had a good night!

Hello everyone. This past Week was good and warm, but also a Week of fighting.

“Zigzag cheerful Week ('∇ `●) „


The Monday begins with Rain. It’s a cold Monday, with rain and snow piled up in the mountains, even though yesterday was quite warm. The weather making Zigzag. Today, returning from my solo work. It is hard... I had my knee in the same position for several hours. I had an oversized Hamukatsu Bread.

Now everybody, let’s live this week.


It’s raining today. The sky is white and the air a little cool. The cherry tree I had been seing from the bus and the train has become completely green. On the way home I get two crispy garlic potato croquettes. [Poppoteto! Poppoteto!! Potepote dance] Well, now focus! a quick paragraph, potato’s banned.


The sky is beautiful and empty today, and it’s getting warmer. The work is stressful, I had to write many Romaji characters. My hands got tired. The empty Sky, gentle air in the heart, relieves the Wednesday.


Today again intensive work when I go back home, wearing a mask as I come home. Continuation from yesterday so my hands are tired again. The TV is on and for a moment I focus on it. The tears came down with the TV program but I had a nice time.

Back to work it’s 23:00 Yawwn (¯ 0 ¯ ;)

It was a warm day.


This morning I heard in the news that Kinya Aikawa has passed away.

When I was 21, I was at the stage performances at the Imperial and Meiji-za Theaters. I was introduced to the glamorous world of the actors behind the scences, and made lovely greetings. I was allowed to be Aikawa-san's attendant and learn in the big Theater. Aikiwa-san was playful and had Tea and a Bento Box handmade by Midori Utsumi on the stage.

Aikiwa-san was a sparkling actor.

It was a short but memorable experience and will remain in my heart.

Aikiwa-san for the bottom of my heart, I Thank you for this experience.

I will pray for his soul’s repose.


Today is the first seclusion day.

Work... work again.

The Body feels funny and the legs too thin. But little by little, a sense of completing the homework it’s arriving and it’s exciting.

A break in the sky, the wind and air... concentration, concentration...

Today I have a Yoshi’s special soup.


Today morning I’m half a Saiyan.

A warm and cheerful Sunday to everybody.

The beginning of a new week.

I wish a steady, calm and warm feeling and soft, gentle winds blowing softly into your heart.

To a new week, let’s live it. Have a nice day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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