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Spring in Harajuku

It was raining for some days but finally we’re coming out of the shower and it is getting warmer. Seriously, it is getting spring!

We had a peek of a solo exhibition after our work in Harajaku. It was a stimulating expression of a new world. Our ART exhibition is also coming soon. It’s exciting to make an effort to finish it.

On my way back I wanted some Harajuku Crepes. but in front of the store there was a big line with just girls, so I decided to make a parenthesis and walk by..

Oh, and finally I’ll give you one scene of the waiting room of the Toyota Asia Event:


Yusuke and Ucchy carefully aligned against the wall and complaining to the earth.


Let’s look forward to the spring.

Masato Ochiai

Click the underlined words to know their meaning !

Translated by Ani, with:

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