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Dance @ Yokohama

Today, we have attended the press conference of the event 'DanceDanceDance @ YOKOHAMA2015' , that takes place this summer. Since I started to dance, some years ago, the Direction has made the contact with Ballet and Contemporary Dancers easy. So I’m glad there will be dancers from a variety of Genres this time

Speaking of Yokohama, its professional Football and Baseball teams gives the impression that Sports are quite popular here, but there is more to see, like Chinatown, the Birthplace of family Ramen with a lot of Gourmet places. I’ve visited several times and the Town is fun. Please come and visit too.

The fist Picture shows the members before the Press Conference. Today we had the freedom to wear our own choice of Ties, so look closely. But we were told it looked good, but looked as if we’d had agree on a regimental Tie.

The Members tie up their minds together to live up Yokohama. ^ - ^

Yusuke Morisawa

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