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ABS and good news

Before today’s training Unit, some Innovation. I hope it’s good news. (* ´ ω ' *)

It seems as what had been considered as common sense knowledge in training, might have been refuted.

Until now, it has been said it’s impossible to lose weight by training the abdominal muscles. There are even books about it, but without any scientific evidence.

Most people think, if you want to lose weight you better do squats! and the common sense says, you can use the body Fat as energy, but the body uses the fat homogenously; using just a preferential portion of body fat as energy was until now, a Myth.

However, some results have appeared that seem to refute that “common sense” knowledge!

A Danish University tested a 30 minute training on one Leg, and found the fat decomposition level was higher on the Leg which was trained, compared to the side which was not.

This result is only partial, and I can’t say if it’s really possible to lose weight just in some parts, but I look forward to further research results like this. (^^)

So based on this, today’s Training is: ABS training

Given the experimental results, to lose weight in this part, you would be asked to make at least 30 Minutes, but as this might be impossible (LOL) we can introduce some break times.

It is pretty tough, specially the first efforts need physical strength.


  • Lying down, take something between your legs, like a scissor, can be a ball or even a stuff animal or a PET bottle. Press your hands firmly to the ground.


  • With the object sandwiched as not to drop it, lift your legs. Stop before the vertical, so you don’t lose the power of the abs muscles.


Lower your legs but stop before getting to the ground. It’s quite painful but it’s good. It’s also good because you’re simultaneously training the adductor muscles by sandwiching the object with your legs.


Another variation with a ball sandwiched between the legs.


And that’s all.

It is pretty hard, since adding the element of the sandwiched object. Make 10 times each variation, in other words 20 repetitions, and you make 3 sets, with a break of 30-60 seconds between sets. I’m already pretty tired, but it’s not yet all.

Afterwards, the normal ABS, a set of 3 with breaks of 30-60 seconds between sets.

Even if it is quite painful, try it if you want to lose weight in this zone.

Training is fun and healthy.

Next time I’ll introduce a little squid claws training (LOL).

Takashi Jonishi

Translated by Ani, with:

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