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Pyo-pyo week

Hello everyone, here is Pyo-pyo.

The start of a new week, the last one of April. Some have a rush for the Golden week. This past week was one of warm weather and gentle wind and I feel good.

Me, I spent most of my time with my work. Except for the rehearsals I spent the most of the time indoors with no network. Work day to day, with a lot of concentration: head dazed, eyes irritated, hands trembling... like when you put a lot of energy into your studies. But it was warm, my head and my heart cherish it.

“Pyo-pyo week”


Day off work today; Rainy weather, went fast to the convenience store and the Umbrella broke with the strong wind. Had Miso Soup again after a long time, with Tofu and Wakame. Still delicious.


A stunningly good weather today, after the broken umbrella yesterday. Today Rehearsal, blue skies, but rain on the way back;

( ̄0 ̄●;) a Dog in a Basket, and Tons of work.


Good weather today; warmth at work and nice people on the same stage. Received a Souvenir from Genki San : Chocolate.

And a training instrument from Professor Joony. I will have Arms like Popeye some day, and crush-open spinach cans. But Today I focus on work.


Rehearsal today. It is hot, even in T-shirt. The shadows are clearer. When I come home, it’s again, focusing on the work.


Today, I concentrate on the work right away after getting up. Potato salad. Too much concentration and too much work. On the evening I’m almost empty. (¯ 0¯ ○).

But the warm wind is relieving, and I feel good.


Again intensive work since getting up until the night. HARIBO Bears in my break. My body is tired, my legs feel like Jellyfish and my upper body like a robot.


Continue to work, stay indoors, had some Potatoes. It was a week of work, work, work, drawing the mischievous Mr. Pyhoro-kun

The beginning of a New week, I hope you have a steady calm time and peace of mind.

To all who are having a having Golden Week holidays, and to all who have to work hard, I wish you gentle winds blowing to your mind, and you’ll be fine.

A new step into the new week and the new moon. Let’s live!

Have a nice Day

Akihiro Takahashi

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