A nice season

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I have an Hygrothermometer placed on my bedside, and I look every day when I get up, and before I go to bed. Now the temperature in the room is 25° with 54% humidity. This is a very comfortable and nice season.

About a month ago, we had 10° or less, and the following day, the thermometer caught my eye, because the needle was pointing to 20°. It had made a jump. "What? Either my eyes, or the Thermometer must be broken".

It was cold, and the curtains were open, so the Thermometer had been bathed in the bright morning sun. I wrapped up in bed and laughed.

This is a very comfortable and nice season.

Yusuke Morisawa

Translated with: http://imtranslator.net


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