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Today’s training ist he Deadlift“. Translated to Japanese it would mean “the elevation of death”. There are different theories why it came to this name: that you might die because it is so heavy, or that the weight is lifted until a “dead state” (complete stop). Or that it might be a remaining from the soldiers carrying the dead bodies. Quite a variety.

It is a mysterious training (LOL). It’s a mechanical training where considerable energy is consumed. And the muscles are trained quite a lot. Mainly gluteus, erector spinae and trapezius. The latissimus dorsi and pectoralis major are little used. It’s going to be some painful minutes. We will pull floor dead lifts, meaning we will start from, and end on the floor. There are other variations like start pulling the bar from a Rack.

Let’s do it! This time is quite heavy, by 155 kg. (^^)


1. I don’t know why I’m not sweating in the Photo. This is No. 1, raising without curling the back, and continue rising the bar.


2. A little more, over the knee, good!


3. Slowly back down, the same way you came up, and start again. Deadlift is really to enter the power to the whole body. I start sweating after just a few times. By the way, the Deadlift MAX for now is 170kg (floor pulls). To lift more, is still a scary challenge. Recently, Hugh Jackman was lifting 180 kg and has been a hot topic. I could become a Wolverine a little later.

Tomizo was training with me and shooting the Pictures. Thank you!


When I looked from the rear, I was surprised to see how broad my back had turned. Continuity is the source of strength.

Training is fun and healthy. (^^)

I wonder what training to introduce next time?

Takashi Jonishi

Translated with:

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