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A week of summer colors

08405310. (Good morning!, available now). In the hot summer, scorching heat. It was very hot every day this past week: from almost the Antartic, the temperature suddenly changed into a Sauna room. And the Temperature difference between day and night is huge, so be careful of not catching a cold because of the air conditioning. So we enter the new month, the first Monday.

“Tamagotori Brother, one week of summer color”.



The Blueray recorder is broken, tried to repair it but seems impossible. I think about staying indoors, but the Blueray is broken, it is hot and and we have nice weather, so at dusk I go out for a change.

I look at Ryo-chan’s raids and his cute eyes and I’m healed. Allright, let’s live this week!



It’s hot (/ ̄0  ̄ ●;) We have rehearsal tody. I ride with the bike to the train station, and I wear sandals. It feels good.

Yesterday I heard about Abunai DEKA, and I as usual, I thought about how cool Hioishi Tachi-san and Kyohei Shibata are. (ToT-)

“I wanna watch, I wanna watch, I wanna watch”. So I rent 3 DVDs for 3000 Y.

Abunai DEKA Revenge. But first, intensive work.




Today we also have good weather. The temperature in the Room is cool in the morning. At dust it will be a scorching heat, but I will work and will barely notice. The sky is refreshing blue today.



Rehearsal today. In the park, before rehearsal, temperature steadily rises. Summer air and funny T-shirts. Colorful summer. When I come home the room feels almost like burning. Start to work.



We have new Moon. The start of May is hot-hot hot. Today I stay locked indoors, working. I see the sky from the Bathroom. Everybody who are having Golden Week, enjoy; And all others, enjoy a nice weekend. Prince William, Princess Catherine, Congratulations. (-´ ∇ ')



It is hot today. Sun blazes like on a summer day. Funny rehearsal; Ride on the bike and it is nice, but on the way back I got a flat tire. ( ̄0  ̄ ●;) I’m still far from home so I have to push the bike under the scorching sun. When I come home, the room is also burning. Now, to work!



It’s been a hot week. Heat is not good for me. Sweat is worrying. Today too, I’m working through the day, drawing mischief. Evening I have some Yakisoba again after a long time. They’re delicious.

A new week of busy days.

To all of you, regardless if you’re having Golden Week or not, I wish a steady, pleasant week with warm and friendly feelings day by day.

May a warm and pleasant breeze, blow gently to your hearts and minds.

To a new week, let’s live it.

Have a nice Day

Akihiro Takahashi

Translated by Ani, with:


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