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Today’s Training is “Bone Making” . I wanted to introduce a little more active training, but I had to give up. It’s no good to twist the upper Body until it sticks. It was too much training, I got most likely a Stress fracture of the Rib.

To Rest is important, now. But that won’t discourage us (^^).

Here a little Riddle: What are Bones made of? I thought Calcium! People who think the same are just half right ! (°_°). So what is the other half? Magnessium? Potassium? Phosphorus? Nice try!

In fact, the other half, or better said, the main ingredient is the Protein Σ. ( ° Д °) What? ? To be precise, it is composed of a Protein called Collagen. Collagen makes the frame where Calcium and Phosphorus are deposited. I’m surprised, cause I’m hearing it for the first time. So the Proteine is important, but for the Bone formation, is also Vitamin D very important. The Vitamin D is produced in the Body, by the sun. So today, I get some grips with calcium and Proteins: I had Niboshi, Shishamo and a Sunbath this morning. Then, after rehearsal, a Protein Bar, Milk and more sunbathing. Perfect!

It is the perfect day! :-)


In the park, beautiful roses are in full bloom (^^)

So, the bone is gradually made and it will heal.


A training with a fixed trunk is possible though: The human flag, a.k.a. Streamers.

I wanted to do this on children’s day, I couldn’t because of the Rib... disappointed! (´ Д ') But now the season is right to stroll and sunbathing, and my bones will be getting better and better.

Training is fun and healthy (^^). But I don’t know what I’ll do next time! (°_°)


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