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Busy week

Good Morning. Another week, it was cheers for good work. Thank you.

I had a cheerful week, spent on warm summerlike air, with cheerful T-shirts. People are resuming work today after Golden Week. I hope everybody enjoyed vacation. So now, everybody starts a busy working week.

“Korokoro the Egg, it was a fun Week”.



It is beautiful today, warm and smoky clouds in the sky. The air outside is delicious but I’m indoors all day.

The beginning of a new week,

let’s live it!



Rehersal today. It is a bit cloudier, cooler. Before the rehearsal, I was leaning on a Bench and a sparrow came quite near. Thanks for the little delight.



Today I make an evening stroll. The first time leaving the house in long time. Encountered some cats on the other side of the street, they have small faces. Was nice to meet again.



We have rehearsal today. It rained last night, there are some puddles. After getting back home I stay indoors. I have some eggs which expiration Date is almost due, so I make a huge Omelette with 5 eggs. They make a nice “TssshhhTssshhh" in the Pan. Reminded me of my Grandma’s. And which sauce? Soy sauce? Ketchup?

It was delicious.



It’s a warm and sunny Friday, but Today I’m secluding myself indoors. I go to the rooftop to feel the wind before going to bed. I watch a rental DVD and have some Croquettes in a lazy atmosphere. This weekend, I’ll have a lazy time ... I cherish.



Rehearsal. Cloudy skies, all white when I go back home. I go to the Bookstore after long time, I bought “Eggs of Invention and Lead or R62 issue” By Kobo Abe, then secluded again.



After a Week in seclusion, today I relax and making funny faces and watching Baymax (Big Hero 6) which I rented on DVD, and watching his funny face, I’m delighted.

Monday will be cleaning. Time to get out of the holiday mode.

I wish you have a steady warm week, with friendly and pleasant breeze blowing through your hearts and minds. You’ll be fine.

To the new week I go.

Akihiro Takahashi


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