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Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Today's training is 'Ghetto Workout’. Aka 'Street Workout’. Strange name

It is a workout which refers in general to the black community, the slums and ghettos.

Regarding the kind of training, it refers to the one to be performed using one’s own weight and the instruments in the Park.

Since it is carried out with the own weight, it needs to be balanced and trained in diverse forms of dynamic movements. This is surprisingly the only weight training for most people, who can’t train elsewhere. It’s good (^^)

You can bring your own rings to the Park.

Hold onto the roof and stay suspended. It’s daytime, so keep defying gravity (LOL).

If there’s a horizontal bar and some room, you can do variations of suspension.

Is there a chance you will show on your city park? (? Ω?) LOL

Please let me know if you know a nice place. m(_ _)m

Training is fun and healthy. (^^)

Next time, I want to introduce a series of training which can be done at home.


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