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Ready for the ART!

I went to Yoshimura’s, where there’s a Basic food of my Youth. The Youshimura House is the main Temple of the Iekei-Ramen.

The other day, at the end of the rehearsal, I was talking to Joony-san about the time in Junior High, when we were dying to eat them, at Zushi and Yokohama (LOL).

During adolescence at a period of growth, we used to go to eat at the Yoshimura Ramen House. after playing with friends. I remember that greasy life and it is still delicious! And although the desire for them has not decreased, one day, I climbed the stairway of adulthood.

Is there a basic food that you can call soul food? I’ll eat them once in a while and keep it in mind.

So now I ate Ramen: excercise, excercise!

Well, the first WORLD ORDER Exhibition will be held from the 1st. to the 6th of June. I’ll be waiting at the front desk and welcoming you. Please take a look.

Each member will be exhibiting some “work from the soul”, so stay tuned. And I will put “soul in the reception” too. In fact I’m experienced: I’ve worked part time in Hotels (LOL)

Have fun ! !


Tomita Ryuta

Translated by : Tita

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