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Wrestling & other Premieres

Did you enjoy the weekend, everybody?

Celebrating the start of summer next June, even if I’m a little early. (¯ ▽ ¯)

Well, I also made a Premiere recently: I went for the first time to the Wrestling! \ ( ^o^ ) /

I was very close and was impressed by the speed of the battle and the powerful offense and defense.

And the second Premiere was held at Futako-Tamagawa : “MORE MORE”

It is always an impact, to meet people with whom I had a fun time and was happy, after a long time. ~T^T.

As always when Grinder Man is taking care of directing a choreography in Performing Arts, the configuration was very stimulating and varied. Watching and feeling this new style of dance, gives us new winds of motivation for our own choreographies.

It has been a great Stimulus, Thank you.

And then, the work towards the Art Exhibition is steadily progressing.

Work continued until middle of the night (T_T) We are lovingly preparing it, so stay tuned!

Masato Ochiai

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