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Ready for the ART!

Good Morning everyone.

New beginning of the week. This past week I was able to ride on 4th gear, but also had some friendly time to myself. I was tired, was another week of cheers for good work, Thank you.

Now, first of all: The Trailer of the Art- Exhibitions’s work “BOW PEACE: THE NEW WORLD”

An ancient story... Wolf’s Island. Many years ago, the world was born this day... everything was born from this Island.



Before it all dissapears!

The End is coming near...

The edge of the Island...

The fate of the World...


"Jiiji and the empty week”

MONDAY Performance of the Space Theater Company. For the first time after 25 years, resumed activities since the Premiere in 1981.

(The weather was a chaos)

I loved the stage. I was allowed to read the script and it was wonderful...

And the Monday sky.


After the rain, there are puddles all over. Amazing, when it rains like this, the sky is nice and empty .

I take a walk on the evening, I look up... the sky is really, really nice.


Today, even in the evening, the sky is brilliant and empty, except from some orange clouds... sinking gently. Tonight I made a big Omelette, and some white rice and Miso Soup... so simple but much delicious.


A crisp, hot, summer Thursday, with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. The sun casts clear shadows. The evening has hot, vivid orange colors. Today, also cheers for good work.


I successfully completed the preparations for the Exhibition. Was a long time, and when I finished painting I have the feeling it is not yet complete... People’s eyes are touched by Pictures. I hope my work will grow and touch People hearts. Please enjoy it, even if it’s not finished (as it is ultra fine, you might need a magnifying glass), I’m sorry. (_ _ ●;)

It was a cool pleasant evening, and the sky was also beautiful today.


Today the weather is also good and warm. A crow flies, riding comfortably on the wind. On the evening the sky is brilliant but black and cannot see it from the rooftop, but from under, I see a distant and clean pink. A beautiful weekend in May.


A little rain in the morning, and empty week but I’m ready for the exhibition. Next week, we will encounter an empty sky... after a week in a PEACE Mood.

It was cheers for good work, Thank you.

The beginning of a new week.

I wish everybody a steady, calm and friendly time, with warm and gentle winds blowing to your mind. You’ll be fine.

To the new week, I go.

Nice day

Akihiro Takahashi


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