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Tuning for the ART

This time’s training is: “Push-ups” and can be done at home.

Muscles which are trained on the “Push-up” are the large Pectoral muscle (Chest muscle) and the Triceps (the muscle on the back side of the Biceps). I know it, right? (._.). .

But Push-ups are, in fact, not so simple. So let’s recap the way.

First of all is the Arm position: placed left and right, a little bit wider as the shoulders.


Move down till you come under the shoulders, and let the trunk firmly in a straight line.


Remain in that shape, lower down while keeping the trunk still straight. This time go down till your

Elbow forms a right angle.


The point is, after lowering, to raise up just before the elbow joint gives up, so you can always maintain a tension in the muscles. It’s quite tough, even 30 Times. When carried out super-slow, even 10 times!.

So let’s try! ^^


NG example: Waist is too loose (° Д °)


NG example: Waist is falling down (° Д °)


NG example: Hand position is too wide

(° Д °) and too far behind


Women and people with not so much muscular strength can try doing it on the knees. Hand position is the same, leave the trunk straight and focus.


Finally, a variation, if you’re not happy with the regular push-ups, you can put more load on your arms, by narrowing the gap between your hands.



And if you’re still not satisfied, you can try it with one hand !


Training is fun and healthy (^^). Now the final tuning towards the exhibition, Why did I took off my shirt? (o_o) Was it for fun? I got a lot of comments about that. I was not expecting that question. I guess I was taking it somehow for granted because of the overseas Street-Work out videos.

∑ (° Д °) LOL, so now I will probably take it off each time NY-ghetto workout, even at the College.


\\\-('ω') ' / / / /

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