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A work of love

The rainiy season for western Japan has been announced. Here in the Kanto region, today it is a damp morning. The hygrometer at my bedside shows 29° and 70% humidity.

And among such damp, it was the 3rd day of the exhibition today. I was there on the first day, and showed my face a little bit the second day. A lot of people came despite being a weekday and working hours, Thank you.

I remember, one day after a meeting in the Office, we WORLD ORDER members went for dinner together for the first time in a while. There, somehow the spark began, and somebody had the idea to open an Art Exhibition. “Sounds good, isn’t it?” I thought it did (No kidding).

We started talking about the process and at first I thought “What will I do?” But we were able to complete a work which arose from love. A chance to see us Members from a different Angle.

We look forward to your Visit.

Yusuke Morisawa

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