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ART Exhibition succeeded!

Good Morning. The Exhibition was successfully closed. All of you who came from far away, or came in their spare time or their work breaks, or those who could not come, Thank you for your warm words and support. If you enjoyed it, even a little bit, I’m happy.

Towards the exhibition, among the limited time, and the rehearsals, everyone helped me put my best works and space. All who came, even if it was a short time, Thank you very much.

“Exhibition, Cats and a warm Week”


Today the exhibition begins. A lot of people came and look at the works carefully.

Evening we had good weather. I watched When Marnie was there. Tears poured out almost on their own. I was really impressed. The shadow on the roof and the light on my hand. The exhibition is running until Saturday, it will be in my heart as gentle winds blow...


The sky is blue, the sun is hot. Dark shadows stretching. The cat stretch his neck out to the leaves... sniffff


Rain, cool... a little damp morning. I’m in the Gallery for the Exhibition at 11, but still no one is here. I appreciate everyone’s work. On the way back there’s still some light rain, and at the front door, a gentle little voice peeks out. It’s a little cat hidden under Mommy-cat. I watched them for a while and I wanted to take Pictures, but I didn’t want to scare them, so I just watched silently. They were cute.

Today at the Gallery, thank you all who came to talk, it was a great time. At night, a beautiful clean sky.


Rehearsal today. The sky is very nice with bright, vivid clouds. At the exhibition many guests, could talk and take Pictures. I hope you enjoyed. And I got Chocolate!

I met Taro, the “tiger” cat after a long time, as well as a spotted one, similar to the little one with the Mother-Cat yesterday in front of the house.


Today, work with the Pen (0.5 to 0.8 mm), and sharp Pencil 3 (HB to 2B). A cheap mechanical Pencil, but it is light weighted and fits best for the future Picture I’m working on now. They were very active in this exhibition. And... an important piece I got, this crescent pendant. Beautiful, Thank you.


This morning is the last day of the Exhibition. The air was a little cold. At noon it warmed up a bit.

Rehearsal. The clouds drifting on the blue sky are wonderful. On the Park, unaware of the weather, a cat dazes and moves like a monkey, lovely. But then he disappears through a gap, into a building.

The last day, all members came. I hope you enjoyed until today. Thank you.


Woke up exactly as the Champions League Final was on ! (Barcelona vs Juventus) (° b °-)

A Goal already early in the game, perk up the game speed, exciting! I was impressed. The Result: Barcelona won 3-1.

Both played good... Pirlo, in Tears, that was nice. Buffon, Xavi’s last game , all Barcelona players, Iniesta, Messi, Suarez, Neimar... all the names, it’s almost luxury, it was awesome!

I apologize, for those who are not interested in Football. It was a great excitement on Sunday morning.

One week of Exhibition, once again, Thank you very much.

The beginning of a new week. I wish you all a steady, calm week, with gentle winds blowing to your mind. You’ll be fine. To the new week, let’s live it!

Have a nice day

Akihiro Takahashi


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