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ART Exhibition review

Thank you very much to everyone to came to the Exhibition. I was able to spend some good time talking about many things with the visitors.

On the Video about Bouldering, the movements here were small and easy to understand, but the difficulty can rise in a subtle way. It is an interesting World.

The Paper Cutouts are time consuming because it’s a work to be done carefully, in all consciousness. But if done with no distractions, it can take just some minutes. Try it by all means if you have some scissors and paper.

This Cutout has the Title “Dawn of the Incas” but somebody said it looked more like “Alien Baltan”. I didn’t notice until that Moment.

(° b°) What the...?! (° b °)

Interesting cutout .

Hayato Uchiyama

Translated by Ani, with:


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