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Entry by Masato

It is finally rain Season (¯ ▽ ¯)

But it desn’t feel as is too much rain falling.

Well, many people asked me during the ART Exhibition, “What camera are you using?”. So today I would like to answer.

This here, was used as the main machine.


A twin-lens reflex camera might be a little unusual these days, but is has also shown to be user-friedly. To cut the Compositions to 6 x 6 squares was also fun. (^-^). Sometimes, when peeked using the Viewfinder from above, I would not notice and had taken a photo of the view from around.

And, this was a big success: “Fold-out Camera, in caramel color”.

The SX 70, known as Aladdin’s magic box, because of its form.

A unique foldable camera I didn’t know.

I was excited by the fact that with the Polaroid Camera you could see the Photos you take.right on the spot.

And I was delighted by the nostalgic subject


Although Film cameras, require time and effort, and the Film can be grilled when exposed directly to the light, it is fun to feel the air and the atmosphere can be captured forever.


I would take the damp of the rainy season, but it can only be taken at the right time.

Masato Ochiai

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