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Entry by Ucchy

The Rice planted and watered in winter at the Tokamashi Farm is high valued in Japan, because they use agriculture methods with no fertilizers, pesticides or machines, so it is not affected by the high oil prices. But even firmly rooted Rice was collapsed by the Typhoon. The agriculture fluctuates.

And now, the Farmers I buy the rice from, would not be planting rice any more. Or what do you think?

Not at all! Now they are sowing directly.

Looking at it and thinking back, I think it is actually common sense, cause most things are not for granted.

A Dragonfly, freshly hatched from its cocoon.. It's an endangered species because of pesticides...

It was a ? I forgot the Name!

Frogs roaming freely, like spiders.

In a place which is habitat of so many creatures, the rice will grow. It will be a refreshing feeling.

Hayato Uchiyama

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