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Entry by Aki

Good Morning everyone. The start of the New week, and what a week it was, this past one.

As always, thank you for your comments. The Seicomart Onigiri are the best, Yes! Do go eat there sometime.

And thank you for warning me against the cold. (´ ∇ '-)

Well, this week was filled with heavy rain, drenched walk back home and we had down to 2 degrees. Please be careful the cold don’t disturb your health.

“Jiiji and the sky”


The beginning of a new week. Nice weather, and also this week, a week of Fight ! (°B °-)-


Rehearsal today. A blank white sky. On the evening, some pink sky unexpectedly peeping out from behind the clouds.


Today we had the Auditions for CHILD ORDER, for children 5 to 7 years old. Boys and Girls gathered one by one in front of us adults. They were all cute, keeping a natural smile in their faces also through (even for Adults) such a tense situation. (´ ∇ '-) They were really awesome, and they seemed to enjoy and have fun during the Audition. Stay tuned for the broadcast.

Back home under the heavy rain, drenched Jiiji.

At home, my nephew and niece had rampaged around... Aha, exactly the same age as the kids today. They worked well, cheers for good work. Thank you and Good luck to all !


Rehearsal today. On the way back home, passed by a convenience store and bought some dumplings to eat at home. And also the Kara Mucho and the Candy I got from Miwa-Chan.


Today, departure under the rain.

All members, singing a song for the first time. Human beings, who don’t sing even on Karaoke, singing together... lalaaaalala (¯ 0 ¯-;)

But we managed to finish and look forward to the results. Stay tuned.

At home, Pazupan and Jagariko Potato Sticks.


Rehearsal today. Crisp and good weather. After rehearsal, continued with the training camp until 20:00h. Move, power up, sweat.. I did my best. At the end, everyone’s exhausted. There is much and hard to move, with many difficult things; I think it will be nice. Everyone, do your best!

On the first day of the week, a good opening Gong.


Rain, and simply boiled Tofu with Ponzu, delicious! I wonder if later it will get sunny. It was a week of good work, thank you.

I hope you spend the new week with a steady, calm and warm feeling, as well as gentle winds blowing through your minds.

To the next week, let’s live it !! (° ∇ ° ●)

Have a nice day

Akihiro Takahashi

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