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Entry by Aki

Good morning everyone. Again, the start of a new week, and in two days already the end of June. The last Monday in June is damp and hot, too hot for wearing shoes. The rainy season is also open and you hear a little the sound of the cicadas...

“Jiiji’s Sandals Diary”


The day begins with nice weather and a pale blue sky. Let’s step into the new week and have a nice day. (´ ∇ '-) "


Rehearsa today. On the sky, the colors of summer. There were white clouds and it’s hot. The rehearsal was warm.


We have good weather today and it is very calm. More Sandals for Jiiji. I’ve been to the rooftop to watch the sky and get relaxed. It is important to spend some time looking at the sky.


Rehearsal today. Summer clouds in the sky. Aftewards, rehearsal for the Play. Lights and sound are getting set, and the damage situation after a rainy day has been evaluated. The production team was reduced 3 days ago. But our feelings remain firm. From tomorrow on, the first of 14th performances. It’s hot on stage.


First rehearsal on a Friday, under cloudy skies. Today we do what we have been rehearsing for long time. The location, the people. It was a long rehearsal.

Back home under the rain, some Meat Sauce and… Aokyura (° b °-;-)-

Kurokyura could be found candy stores when I was in elementary school.(Your tongue use to become red after eating this popsicles, now the black is very impressive!)

Kurokyura has now a Lawson color, somehow nostalgic, so I bought one.


Rehearsal, Saturday continues with pure white clouds and rain. On the way back it stopped raining, no need for an umbrella. A week of good work, calm mind and heart this weekend.


The evening sky, burning hot crisp blue, dry and hilarious… and… Cup Noodles, very spicy, my mouth is sore and painful… but I guess I wanted a challenge… AHA.

The Beginning of a new week. July rushes in and I wish everyone a calm steady week, with warm, gentle winds blowing through your hearts and minds, you’ll be fine. (-´ ∇ ') "

To the next week, let’s live it!

Have a nice day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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