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Entry by Tomizo

Thank you to everyone who came to the Fan Tour the other day. It was a warm and fun time.

A new version of WORLD ORDER was debuted. (6 member-formation, members singing, see Diary June 19th).

How did you all like it ? It required trial and error not to break the usual image, and it was hard to get used to the sound; It was also hard to learn, this new version, I hope you enjoyed it.

And the Nature in Niigata was great, like in the Flyers we had at the Exhibition. Actually, before Niigata, I went to the Gallery and almost hit a closed day.

Remembering the works and the time I stayed in this “House of Light” made me a bit Nostalgic!

In the Athletic meeting, as usual we got the middle 4th Rank. Reflects the ups and downs of my personality I guess, LOL. But I’m sure, next year we’ll go for the first Place.

To say it was like leaving the family might sound a bit exaggerated, but I really felt very close to you all. I’ll see you again soon!

And for those who were not able to attend, I’ll be looking forward to the day we can meet personally. The Culture Festival is close, I’ll be waiting for you.

But now it is Friday! A good weekend to everyone!


Ryuta Tomita.

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