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Entry by Aki

Good Morning (° ▽ °) The beginning of a new week. Already a week has passed since the Fan Tour, it went very quickly. I was able to spend one week of warm feelings remembering your friendly smiles and warm comments. And everyone who left me comments, you can almost read my mind (゜∇゜●) WOW ! !

Talking about high-school trips made me remember your faces, and I was pleased, Thank you very much. For the every-day battle, I will treasure your warm smiles in my mind until we have the next opportunity to meet. (_ _ -).

It was a week of good work.

“ Jiiji’s Mind Week”



Raining. Leaving with the gray knit cap (´ ∇ '-) Ride the train after a long time in the reverse direction, from Ichikawa-cho, Motomachi... and Marine Tower... somehow reminded me of ABUNAI DEKA.



The sky is white and transparent today. From the early morning on, rocking in a crowded train to work. Was given a cute present from some young kids.

On the evening, for the first time in a long while, Miso soup and stir fried vegetables.



Again a white sky today, the sun doesn’t show up for the second day in a row since the Athletic meeting in Niigata.

On the evening I put the rest of the vegetables and some Noodles into the Miso Soup.



Today again , pure white sky. It starts to rain while going to rehearsal. Back home I caught randomly a channel with some anime hero on the loose... (it made Jiiji laugh) I guess the white was the hero and the yellow his partner... I’m not sure but it’s not over yet... AHA.



Whoooaaa, it’s sunny! (° B °-) sunlight is hot and glistening. Feeling good.

It hasn’t been this sunny since