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Entry by Aki

Good Morning (° ▽ °) The beginning of a new week. Already a week has passed since the Fan Tour, it went very quickly. I was able to spend one week of warm feelings remembering your friendly smiles and warm comments. And everyone who left me comments, you can almost read my mind (゜∇゜●) WOW ! !

Talking about high-school trips made me remember your faces, and I was pleased, Thank you very much. For the every-day battle, I will treasure your warm smiles in my mind until we have the next opportunity to meet. (_ _ -).

It was a week of good work.

“ Jiiji’s Mind Week”


Raining. Leaving with the gray knit cap (´ ∇ '-) Ride the train after a long time in the reverse direction, from Ichikawa-cho, Motomachi... and Marine Tower... somehow reminded me of ABUNAI DEKA.


The sky is white and transparent today. From the early morning on, rocking in a crowded train to work. Was given a cute present from some young kids.

On the evening, for the first time in a long while, Miso soup and stir fried vegetables.


Again a white sky today, the sun doesn’t show up for the second day in a row since the Athletic meeting in Niigata.

On the evening I put the rest of the vegetables and some Noodles into the Miso Soup.


Today again , pure white sky. It starts to rain while going to rehearsal. Back home I caught randomly a channel with some anime hero on the loose... (it made Jiiji laugh) I guess the white was the hero and the yellow his partner... I’m not sure but it’s not over yet... AHA.


Whoooaaa, it’s sunny! (° B °-) sunlight is hot and glistening. Feeling good.

It hasn’t been this sunny since Niigata.

Today doing cumulated Laundry, trying a new detergent with a nice flower perfume. (_ _-))

I Climb to the rooftop at dusk.

A peaceful weekend everyone.


From yesterday’s pleasant weather... to scorching heat today (¯0¯ ●;) Got an emergency rehearsal... but the Air Con in the Studio was broken... there were 4 fans instead... but it was still so humid. (¯0¯ ● ;;;) that the fans didn’t make any sense. Outside it was cooler, but back home my house was also like a Sauna. I need to use a timer for the Air con. But in the evening there was some wind and the sunset was clear and pleasant on the rooftop.


A hot Sunday, with less wind as yesterday. Believe it or not, it seems it was rainy and even cold in Hokkaido. It is getting hot now, so please take care it doesn’t disturb your physical condition!

A week of good work, thank you everyone.

I wish you all a steady, peaceful week. With warm feelings and gentle winds blowing though your heart and minds, you’ll be fine.

Take a deep breath and a big step into the new week. Let’s live it! (● ´ ∇ ')

Have a nice day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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