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Entry by Aki

Good morning. The beginning of a new week.

This past week a Typhoon past by. Are you all OK?

The Typhoon touched land here and the wind and rain were intense, the umbrella was necessary the whole week. The skies were busy, either with intense heat, high winds or with torrential rains. But I had everyday a little time with warm feelings and gentle winds in the heart, and it was good! Another week of good work.

“Jiiji’s Adventure Time”


The new week begins with… heat (/; ¯0 ¯ ●) Alive, but sweaty… Today, an emergency rehearsal, on this hot Monday, but let’s go!! A delicious Yuzu-Honey drink…even the sound of it is delicious...

(° ρ ° ●)

And it is “Adventure Time”, maybe you know it, the story of the Yellow Jake. Today with some Slugs.

(¯0 ¯ ●) I guess everyone would like it.

Aha, but today is very hot. Don’t let the heat disturb your physical condition.

To the new week, let’s live it!


Today the temperature was even 1° higher… a blue sky and the scorching heat of summer. The wind was very beautiful last night, but Today it is very strong and the Typhoon should be coming.

I hope it rains but even in the evening on the rooftop the heat is still scorching.

Hope a pleasant wind will blow tomorrow in your way. Let’s fight!


Today departure early morning at 5:30 AM. From Motomachi, to Hikawa Maru to Yamashita Park.

Even early in the morning, the air is hot. A glistering sun, All day a sweaty day.

Back home alone on the train, I looked up and the sky was brilliant.

When I was back home, I climbed to the roof top and enjoyed the wind at the end of the day.

A Busy day, it was cheers for good work with each other.


Perhaps because of yesterday's heat, my Body feels heavy and stiff. Today all day in seclusion on the set, when I looked up, the blue sky was gone.

And on the way back home, late at night, heavy rain and strong winds, so strong that the umbrella didn’t make any sense. Waiting for a Taxi I get drenched, and finally made it home at 1:30 AM… (¯0 ¯ ●;) phew…

Tomorrow we’ll be starting an 4:50 am… I won’t sleep tonight, if I do, I won’t get up.

Alright !!! Shishishishishi \ ('▽ `●)'

Everyone, tomorrow we’ll fight together.


Continue... from yesterday

Watching the dangerous “Abunai DEKA” Package (eventually faded out about 30 minutes on the couch)

(゜Ro゜ ●;) '

Preparation OK, We fight together even today !!