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Entry by Yusuke

On the TV, news about Fraud are flowing; hearing words like “oshoku Incident” reminded me of “meal ticket” because the same Hiragana has different meanings. Like the Kanji where the same word or character can have different meanings.

Some years ago I was asked to provide a “detergent picture”. I didn’t know the meaning of these words, and I thought it was about the picture of a detergent.

“Detergent? Which kind, for laundry or for cutlery?”

“Hmm… well I need some help to find a nice fragrance”

“Well we’ve got recently one with a nice fragrance, containing softener, for the laundry. You can find it over there”.

Well, it was certainly not about this kind of conversation when I take my first Promotional Picture**,

in the Autumn when I was 25.

**Probably it is the same Kanji meaning "Detergent" and "Promotional". (Ani, admin)

Translated with:

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