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A melting, hot Diary and Greetings in spanish!

Good morning everyone. Hello, good evening (° ▽ ° ●). In early August this Monday the summer heats goes on… melts away

Hola!!Como estas?

Estoy bien

Gracias siempre!!/(´∇`●)”

Thank you always for everything!!

(Written in spanish and english on the Original Diary!) ----------------- > > >

Japan is really hot… (; ¯0 ¯ ●;) to all of you who have been seeing affected your physical condition, or all of you who are still OK, please do everything necessary and take care not to be defeated by heat.

Fight ! (≧ ∇ ≦ ●)

“Jiiji’s… Hot… Summer… melting Diary”


It is hot. A Movie in the morning… “Love Rosie” (after 1 centimeter of love)… unwinded warm feelings and fast heat beating.

Afterwards, went to the city under the scorching heat, for the last Edition of our MV, with 2 other WO Members. Both were wearing a straw hat. I was wearing a straw hat too. Bingo…


Summer holidays are over, and rehearsals started. Our new MV was released today. We could watch it on the Proyector of the Studio. To everyone who has watched, Thank you very much. ('▽ `●)'


Oh… It’s hot… (¯0¯ ●)

To everyone in the Kawasaki industrial Zone, please be careful, for a photochemical smog alarm warning has been issued.


Melting… when I depart for rehearsal it starts to get cloudy. We are working in confinement… and sweat won’t stop. (¯0¯ ●) Pheww…. The evening, the hottest orange Sun is coming closer.


Crisp hot and fried-like… burning Friday. I recorded a scary TV movie… was not cool at all, yet I wanted to watch but the images and sound were still scary. '(° _ ° ● () ● ° _ °)' Maybe I’m getting sensitive in Summer.

And Today there is a new member in my younger brother’s family: a cute blue eyed little Kitten. The name is still to be determined.


Scorching Saturday. Last night after rehearsal, I could see the Moon from my bathroom window, it was beautiful. The last night in July and the 2nd Blue Full Moon of the year. I’d hear about it but the name, and it was indeed a fantastic moon. Even Today, it illuminates the bathroom window, and tomorrow it will be again burning hot.


From Kawasaki, to the DANCE DANCE DANCE @ Yokohama Festival. Arrived at the Sakuragicho Station and went visiting the Nippon-Maru, on an hour tour. Amazing work! (° _ ° ●)

Excitement about the production… nervous. Was able to master the proof, thanks to your good winds and wishes. Thank you very much. To all who came, your smiles, let me feel the gentle winds in my heart, and even if it was hot, my physical condition was not disturbed.

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE Yokohama, I was happy to perform on this nice stage, thank you very much for making it possible.

And for those who cheered me from a distance, even a little wind has reached me.

This was the sweatiest day of the year.

I wish you all a calm, steady week, a week or warm and friendly feelings, with gentle winds blowing to your minds. You’ll be fine.

To the week if hot summer winds, let’s live!

Have a nice day

Akihiro Takahashi

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